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Outcome Focus is a mission-led company based in Edinburgh.
We work with organisations, projects and programmes to explore, map, analyse and assess the outcomes that matter to them, the people and populations they care about, and their funders.

Our tools and techniques bring together evidence, data and evaluation to ensure that projects and programmes can meet their outcomes, are successful and adaptable, and can demonstrate that success to funders, service-users and other stakeholders.

Our innovative and easy to use software product, Outcome Navigator, enables public service organisations and funders to make effective use of their data and information to learn, improve and tell the story about the difference they make.

Some of the outcome-focused organisations we're working with:

The Thistle Foundation

Our work with the Thistle Foundation has helped them to map their approach to improving outcomes for people at a strategic level. They are using our outcomes approach to create a system for demonstrating how their work achieves better lives for the people they support.


Scotland’s National Arts & Early Years organisation, Starcatchers is using Outcome Navigator across all of their programmes and projects to understand and demonstrate the difference they make to the lives of young children age 0-5 and the adults who care for them.

Future Pathways

Future Pathways offers help and support to people who were abused or neglected as children while they were living in care in Scotland. We are working with them to set up an outcomes framework for the programme, and devise measures that will enable them to understand and demonstrate the difference they make.

NHS Lothian Detect Cancer Early Team

As part of the national Detect Cancer Early Programme the NHS Lothian team is looking at how to reduce inequalities in cancer detection for people with learning disabilities and women from ethnic minority groups. We are working with the NHS Lothian Detect Cancer Early team to track their progress towards these outcomes.

Healthcare Improvement Scotland

We have been working with Healthcare Improvement Scotland to test our software, Outcome Navigator, and help some teams develop a more co-ordinated approach to outcome monitoring, particularly for complex programmes of work. This has helped us understand more about how clients might use the different functionality of Outcome Navigator to share learning and good evaluation practice across larger organisations.

Health Technology Wales

We are working with Health Technology Wales to help them map and track their strategic, national approach to the identification, appraisal and adoption of new health technologies into health and care settings across NHS Wales.

Citadel Youth Centre

We are working with the Citadel Youth Centre to help them track the progress of their innovative families project, which targets vulnerable families through a universal approach. They are using Outcome Navigator to demonstrate the effectiveness of their work with parents to the Big Lottery Fund. We are also supporting them with interviewing stakeholders about what difference the project has made.

Know Violence in Childhood

A child smiles
Launched in New Delhi in November 2014, the Know Violence in Childhood Global Learning Initiative was established as a collective response by individuals from multilateral institutions, non-governmental organisations and funding agencies concerned about the global impact of violence in childhood and the lack of investment in effective violence prevention strategies.

The Initiative has collated evidence on violence prevention and provided opportunities for countries to get together and learn from each other. It aims to provide sound evidence and effective communication to inform policy and programme strategies — which will help global, regional and national policy-makers focus attention on this major international issue and take effective action.

We are working with Know Violence on an evaluation of the outcomes they have achieved, and to develop a framework for embedding and extending outcomes through the work of the Global Partnership to end Violence Against Children.

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Latest news and insights:

Currently in open Beta phase, our simple-to-use cloud-based software provides the platform needed to embed outcomes thinking and evaluation into an organisation.

The software helps visualise and communicate the outcomes that matter to a project, programme or organisation; provides a way of bringing together the diverse forms of data, feedback and evaluation organisations need to demonstrate the difference they make, and; helps create stylish and powerful outcomes-focussed reports for funders, colleagues and service-users.