Our approach

We are a mission-led company with the following values, which guide our approach to improving outcomes for citizens and communities:

  • Be collaborative: work with people to achieve sustainable change
  • Be purposeful: focus on what matters to people and communities
  • Be respectful: build respectful relationships in all our interactions
  • Be outcome focussed: use an outcomes approach in all we do
  • Be fair: offer a fair and flexible pricing structure to organisations that can benefit from our approach, and
  • Pursue excellence: continuously, innovate, learn and improve

The Outcome Focus approach

Our approach has evolved over two decades of work with many cutting-edge academic, policy and practice projects and programmes. It is informed by our in-depth knowledge of the opportunities and challenges that public and third sector organisations face when focussing on outcomes and working with data and evidence; and our expertise in outcomes, evidence, research and evaluation.

Through our work we have refined and developed a range of tools and techniques to guide you through the following:

Contribution not attribution

The work of public services is very sophisticated, involving multiple partners to address multifaceted issues in complex systems. It is not possible to draw a straight line from this activity to the difference made. Instead, public service organisations need to tell the story of the contribution that their work has made to improving outcomes.

Embedded evaluation

For evaluation and research activities to have impact they need to be closely linked into the work of the organisations they are seeking to improve. The more organisations own and lead these processes, the greater the likelihood of meaningful learning and improvement.

Data to information to decisions

Public services are awash with data and information and yet often lack the organisational intelligence they need to make good decisions. Effective organisations know why they need the data they collect (and that they collect the data they need) and have routine processes of analysis and reporting that enable them to use it for decisions.

Harnessing expertise of staff and people using services

Many people using, delivering and managing public services have tremendous expertise and insight into what is working well and what can be improved. High performing public service organisations can harness this expertise and routinely draw on these insights to understand where they need to change and how.

Valuing the journey and the outcome

Many public service organisations are engaged in a constant process of transformation. Taking time to understand, monitor and evaluate transformation journeys generates valuable insights that can be used elsewhere in the organisation, fostering a learning organisation.

All our approaches are unpinned by strong academic and practical evidence. A list of some of our recent publications can be found here.